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Australian United Retailers Limited have teamed up with Nu Energy to source high quality solar systems for the network of retailers. To receive a free assessment of your store fill out the details below and Nu Energy’s Commercial Consultant will contact you to run through appropriate options for your business.

Australian United Retailers Limited 与 Nu Energy 联手,为全网零售商提供高质量的太阳能系统。

请填写以下资料,Nu Energy的商业顾问会联系您并为您提供一次免费的评估,讨论适合您生意的最佳方案。



Foodworks New Installation Enquiry

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  • On a recent electricity bill, what is the TOTAL kWh used (peak & off peak)
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  • Enter the total cost of your last bill (including GST)

    Disclaimer: Nu Energy are not associated with any energy retailer and your bill information will NOT be passed to any third party.)
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