Solar for your home

Why solar for your home?

Going solar is a great way to relieve pressure on your household budget as it saves you money through two mechanisms. Firstly you will be consuming electricity that your solar system generates during the day within you’re home. Secondly, your system will also feed any excess electricity that you are not using back into the grid. This means that you will be purchasing less electricity and will be getting a credit on your bill for whatever energy you do not consume.

What this means is that you will finally have a reason to be happy about electricity price rises, that’s because as electricity prices go up, so to do your savings!

Solar Savings

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Why Nu Energy?

Over 20 years experience installing over 40,000 solar systems Australia-wide

Suppliers of high quality Solar Panels and Inverters

Members of the Clean Energy Council & The Green Building Council Australia

Industry best value systems

Emphasis on quality of service

Easy payment options – leasing or outright purchase

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Panels: 25 year power-output

Inverter: 5 year manufacturer

Installation: 1 year workmanship




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