Government Subsidies & Available Grants

The Australian Government provides grants, subsidies and incentives to help companies reduce their carbon emissions and cost of electricity by investing in solar PV systems.

Government Subsidies

Nu Energy take advantage of the available subsidies and are eligible to process the Large-Scale Generation Certificates and Small-Scale Technology Certificates. To our commercial customers this means we process the necessary paperwork and pass the discount on, typically representing around 35% off normal retail prices. Subsidies vary state by state and are forever being changed to meet current government policy. For up to date information visit the Clean Energy Council website.


Feed-in-tariffs represent the kWh rate your energy retailer credits your account for power being fed back to the grid from your solar system. Years ago when solar was still considered a new technology customers were encouraged to install solar by taking advantage of high feed-in-tariffs. These days the energy retails have realised that they will loose considerable profits by offering these incentives, therefore the feed-in-tariff rates have dropped considerably. Each state has a regulated minimum rate, for example, as of January 1st 2015 Victoria’s feed in tariff was $0.065 kWh.

Further Grants

There are other government grants available to eligible businesses. Keep up to date at

If you need help or advice regarding any available subsidies or grants contact our commercial department.

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