East Malvern VIC

East Malvern


This 3 bedroom semi-detached house is located in the leafy suburb of East Malvern, Melbourne. The family home relies mainly on electricity to power air conditioning, cooker, washing machine, TV’s and entertainment systems. Most of their usage happens in the evening and at weekends. The 3.5 kW system covers the entire power bill and offers a small credit each month.

We installed solar at another property so are well educated on the benefits it would offer. The service and pricing Nu Energy offered us was very good and I would be happy to recommend them.  Julian – East Malvern, VIC 

 Performance Analysis.

Location East Malvern VIC Output 15kWh/day
Residence Type 3 Bed Detached Yearly Generation 5,314 kWh
Solar System Size 3.5 kW % Total Daytime Power Generated 173%
Solar System Installed Sept 2014    
Panels 14 x Jinko 250P Savings In Year One $1,318
Inverters ABB TRIO – 3.5-TL 10 Year Savings $14,885
Warranties   Return On Investment 3.8 years
Panels 25 years performance    
Inverters 5 years manufacturer CO2 reduction 6.1 tonnes
Installation 1 year workmanship    
Project Overview
System Installed

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