Castlemaine Town Hall

The Castlemaine Town Hall is built on the former site of the Castlemaine Municipal Chambers in Lyttleton St. which was destroyed by fire in 1862. The Castlemaine Town Hall was constructed in 1898 with extensions to the west wing in 1984 where a town hall entrance foyer was built and an east wing extension built in 1990 to accommodate Council offices. The hall itself still maintains its original internal beauty where over the past 100 years, weddings, dances, numerous concerts and hundreds of functions have taken place on its 332 square meter floor space. Overlooking this large dance area is the decorative cast iron railed balcony for those who wish to sit back, relax and enjoy a concert.

Council is strongly committed to environmental sustainability, and prides itself on its leadership on a range of environmental issues. Council’s commitment is to provide leadership in its own activities and strengthen its support to the community to transition to a sustainable Shire. They have installed a 30kW Micro Inverter system.

 Performance Analysis.

Location Castlemaine, VIC Output 136 kWh/day
Business Type Council Town Hall Yearly Generation 49,950 kWh
Operating Times 5 Days. 7.30am-6pm
Solar System Size 30kW % Total Daytime Power Generated 63%
Solar System Installed Dec 2014
Panels 120 x Winaico WST-250 Savings In Year One $12,952
Inverters Enphase Micro 10 Year Savings $161,327
Warranties Return On Investment 3.8 years
Panels 25 years performance
Inverters 10 years manufacturer CO2 reduction 59.57 tonnes
Installation 5 years workmanship
Project Overview
System Installed

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