Caroline Chisholm Catholic College

Caroline Chisholm Catholic College Braybrook was established in 1997 and has its origins in three colleges: – Christ the King College, St. John’s College and Chisholm College – each established to bring a Catholic education to the girls and/or boys of the Western suburbs of Melbourne. Each College exemplified the deep commitment of parents and parishes in their foundation and work.

Energy is obviously a big concern to the school as it effects the climate in which the students learn. Maximising efficiency is key to being able to provide greater student resources to learn and develop. CCCC installed a 99.84kW system that will generate 22% of the schools electricity.

We are thrilled to work on such an exciting project delivering significant energy savings to Caroline Chisholm Catholic College. The solar installation will provide an educational tool that the school can use to teach students about construction, energy conservation and alternative energy sources for many years to come“.

Danihers Facility Management Managing Director, Anthony Daniher.

 Performance Analysis.

Location Braybrook, VIC Output 397.16kWh/day
Business Type School Yearly Generation 144,964 kWh
Operating Times 5.5 Days. 7.30am-6pm
Solar System Size 99.84 kW % Total Daytime Power Generated 22%
Solar System Installed Jan 2015
Panels 384 x Jinko 260P Savings In Year One $29,707
Inverters ABB TRIO-27.6-TL,  ABBTrio – 20.0 TL 10 Year Savings $370,012
Warranties Return On Investment 3.9 years
Panels 25 years performance
Inverters 10 years manufacturer CO2 reduction 172 tonnes
Installation 5 years workmanship
Project Overview
System Installed

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